Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rivals unite for spl status to Bihar

An all-party delegation led by CM Nitish Kumar will meet the PM and strongly plead for giving a special status to Bihar to get rid of its backwardness and ensure its all-round development.

This decision emerged after a four-hour debate in the assembly on a resolution which was adopted unanimously on Tuesday.

Participating in the debate, the CM stressed the need for a heavy doze of Central assistance as well as investment from private and public sectors to put Bihar on a par with developed states.

He said, "The development of Bihar is in the interest of everyone, the policy makers, industrialists and NRIs. If Bihar remains backward the country's progress will not be possible."

Nitish listed grounds for making such a demand saying Bihar has international borders with Nepal and Bangladesh, it is struck by recurring floods, power scenario is critical and also there is a problem of extremism.

"Bihar can overcome these problems once it gets financial support, investment and subsidy," he added. In a rare gesture of unity and rising above the political affiliation, the members sitting on both sides rose in unison and forcefully approved the resolution calling the Centre to include Bihar in the special category of states.

Members cutting across the party line favoured the move and urged their central leaders to take up the matter with the Prime Minister.

Although the debate was marred by occasional remarks from certain members on both sides blaming each other for the backwardness of Bihar.

"Why didn't Lalu Prasad do anything in the past and what is he doing even now?" or "What did the NDA do when it was in power and why didn't Nitish Kumar raise this issue as a Central minister?" kind of comments were made.

Even though those members too were heard urging others to rise above the party line and not indulge in politics.
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