Friday, March 31, 2006

From Bihar a bicycle that floats

Necessity they say, is the mother of invention. When floods ravaged Mohammad Saidullah's village, he found a new way to survive.

"Nadi ke kinare mera ghar tha. Aus usine mere ghar ko kat diya. (My house was near a river and it was destroyed by the river)," Saidullah says.

Saidullah designed a bicycle that can not only travel on land but also float on water.

He has named the Noor Bicycle, after his wife.

On land, it is just a bicycle and in water, it becomes a boat.

In a nation of a million cyclists - it took one man to think out of the box. And he even built in some special effects.

The cycle can goe front and back. If it gets stuck just pedal backwards and it will reverse.

"Isme ek aur khubi hai. Ye aage bhi chalti hai aur peeche bhi. Doosri cycle sirf aage jati hai (It has one more speciality. It can go front and back unlike other cycles which can only go forward.)," he adds.

Air floats keep the bike from sinking and fan blades propel it forward. It took five years and Rs 6 thousand to perfect the cycle.

The idea is brilliant and worthy of an IIT engineer.

Yet, Mohammad is just a simple villager. Geniuses like him live all around us.
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