Sunday, December 13, 2009

The True side of Dr. Zakir Naik- Please see to understand him

In a country, like India where he was born, brought up and given all his knowledge and wisdom propagating this type of thought is really dangerous. If all Hindus start thinking that only we Know the religion which is right and Hindu teacher only knows 2+2=4 and every one else is like a teacher who teaches 2+2=6, or 8, or so on, then, know Dr. Naik would not have been what he is today? there should not be any other faith or religion in India than Hinduism. There should be no other place of worship than Hindu temples. And if we follow the preaching of Dr. Naik, we should force all muslims to convert to the path of Hinduism, demolish all mosques, churches and other places of worships and construct Hindu Temples there.

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