Thursday, May 01, 2008

Here's a Maharashtra Diwas with a Bhojuri flavour

Famous UP folk artist Manoj Tiwari sang Bhojpuri songs during the Maharashtra Diwas celebration organised by the Uttar Prabha Sanstha. A keen ear to some of his songs and one couldn’t miss a distinct Maharashtrian flavour in the latest Bhojpuri extravaganza.

Tiwari’s performance was complete with traditional Maharashtrian white caps and Deputy Chief Minister RR Patil was also present at the event.

For the north Indian politicians of the Congress, this was another occasion to score a point in view of the ongoing political debate on north Indians versus Maharashtrians.

“The first people to support Marathi pride will be the north Indians. And we would always speak for our karmabhoomi,” Congress leader Kripashankar Singh proclaimed.

Bhojpuri songs praising Maharashtra, a modern day version of Lavani and a traditional welcome for Patil, all pointed at how Mumbai was a melting pot of north Indian and Maharashtrian cultures.

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