Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kalam turns editor

Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam was the people's President, and on the occasion of Children's Day, Kalam dons a new hat by turning editor for an online paper.

Never one to sit idle, former President APJ Abdul Kalam has moved on. Today (November 14) is Children's Day - a day when Kalam launches his own e-paper, which will celebrate the success stories of ordinary Indians.

Kalam is the first President to have taken to skies in a fighter jet, he's the father of India's missile programme (SLV Launch) and now, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is all set to become the editor of an online E-paper.

Kalam quotes, "When I was in Madhya Pradesh, I was addressing 80,000 young people when a kid said, 'Why don't you have some place, where all the good things are written? It will have all the positive developments, that are happening in the country, that people can read'."

The fortnightly called a 'Billion Beats', will essay the Former President's thoughts and stories of India's achievers, young and old. It will also be available as a link, on the former President's website (, which has one lakh hits a day.

As Anantha Krishnan, National Affairs Editor, 'Billion Beats', puts it, "It all started with an informal chat with Dr Kalam. He felt that there's an overdose of politics, murders, crime and there's a lot of negative stories in print. So, he felt that we should celebrate the victories also. Children's Day seemed to be the right time to launch the paper. Dr Kalam wants all the success stories of scientists, agriculturists, farmers and technocrats. Basically 'Billion Beats', will try to bring to the fore, the tales of unsung heroes."

The paper will be formally launched by the former President In Andhra Pradesh, at a function attended by thousands of school children today (November 14, 2007).

Scientist, President and now even journalist, the number of hats that Dr Abdul Kalam can simultaneously wear, never ceases to amaze. Now with this venture, Dr Kalam says that he hopes to tell the stories of unsung heroes to one billion Indians, and what better day to launch it than Children's Day?
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