Monday, November 05, 2007

India's 30% Thorium resource base can fuel for next 2500 years of Electricity

India is trying hard to get a n-deal when it's a superpower in Thorium and stands 2nd in Thorium deposit with which it can be self sufficient for next 2500 years.

It's fate of our politicians to pledge 30 years of Abdul Kalam, Anil Kadodkar and n no of unknown Indian Scientists R&D Efforts.

Dont just support either Cong / Left / BJP. All the parties are fighting each other for what we dont need that much through this N-Deal.

See the below links and think of yourself who's dependent on whom.

Uranium is past energy, Thorium is future energy, until every other country get's Helium from Moon in 2020. So, we're unnecessarily going for a n-deal which makes our Worlds' only Thorium Plant and technology exposed to every dick and jerry country.

We need to spend more, to get costliest energy and create dependency on NSG countries for Uranium, when Indian is having almost 30% of Worlds' Thorium deposits

Fast breeder reactor -

Quote from above URL:

"India has the capability to use Thorium Cycle based processes to extract nuclear fuel. This is of special significance to the Indian nuclear power generation strategy as India has large reserves of thorium — about 360,000 tonnes — that can fuel nuclear projects for an estimated 2,500 years. But the hitch is with the expensive nature of the construction of Fast Breeder Reactor in comparison with the Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWR) in use. This is one of the main reasons why India is looking at the cheaper option - Uranium fuel."

- So, our only issue here is spending much on constructing the Heavy Water Reactors. But, Russia is already assisting us to minimize the cost, since they too are spending much on R&D for Thorium based reactors

India's Thorium Base -

So, Thorium is as common as Lead in the World, but not utilized properly, since Western countries abandoned it. Now, they want to explore the options.

A must see PPT on what US scientist analyzing on Thorium in here

US fears on India's Thorium Resources & Technology -

About Thorium -

Cost of Uranium compared with other sort of energy - (not that much cheaper)

Nuclear cost calculator -

Coal vs Uranium Power cost -

Various forms of energy

Compare various energies

After reading this what do you conclude? Just see the political fuss on this issue in our country. Why do we need to depend on America for our Energy needs, why cant we be energy independent?
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