Monday, August 20, 2007

Sign this online petition to Stop the bias against Bihar and Biharis

Dear Friends,
Here we are in 2007, having just celebrated our Nation's 60th birthday, in this new era marching ahead with great hope and conviction to take our country to new heights. We are talking about world being flat and information being power, we are talking about tele density and broadband penetration but alas we still come across horrific incidents where people are being killed for just being Bihari. By destiny they were born as Bihari and that become the cause of their gruesome killing.

The recent gruesome of killing of Biharis in Assam by ULFA militants is yet
another incident which shows the kind of bias which exits in our Country
against Bihar and Biharis. So how do we react to this as a Bihari and citizens of this country?

How do we express our anguish and pain when our fellow country men are being
killed for being Bihari ? Following the great tradition of this great country we humbly submit our petition ,

Please spare a moment for the cause of the bereaved soul and lodge your protest against this incident in strongest possible word. Let's hope and pray that incidents like these are never repeated and also express our solidarity with the family members of the bereaved ones.

Our Friend Ajit Chouhan has started this petition drive to ensure that we raise
our voice against this act of cowardice.

I'll request you all to sign and send this link to
all your friends and relatives and request them to sign this petition, let's try and ensure that each Bihari put his protest against this heinous act.

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