Monday, August 13, 2007

Bihar Flood Relief- Contribute your 2 cents

One BIHAR Team launched a comnined effort with the help of several Bihari organisation to help the flood victims in Northern Bihar. Here are the details and for more please visit

What is our focus? How can I help?

The focus is on providing chlorine and halogen tablets to prevent any epidemic breakout due to contaminated water. Your donations are required for buying these medicines. You can also help us in purchasing these medicines by providing contacts.

How these medicines will be purchased?

We plan to buy these medicines in Mumbai and courier it to Chandan in Patna at the earliest. If you can help us buy these medicines in a better way (Better rates, Local contacts in Patna etc) do contact us at 0-9323473603/

How these medicines will be distributed?

These medicines will be delivered to Chandan Singh, who is part of One Bihar Team ( Chandan will take care of its further distribution. Distribution will be through some of the good NGOs working in the relief operations.

People behind this initiative

This is an initiative driven by people from multiple bihar based yahoogroups. We have executed similar projects in past through these yahoogroups. Some of the projects that we have executed in past can be found at and

Some of the people behind this initiative are

Atul Kumar (IIM Ahmedabad, AVP, Genpact, USA),

Rajiv Vidyarthy (IIT Delhi, IIM Lucknow, Mumbai),

Chandan Singh (Executive Director, GreenPower),

Tanya Prasad (Mumbai),

Saroj Kumar (Project Manager, based in USA),

Samir Kumar (Research Student in Australia),

Ajit Chouhan (Business Partner, Infosys)

Naveen Sharma (IIT Kgp, Program Manager, Cisco),

TV Sinha (XLRI, Sr VP, Polaris),

Mayank Krishna (Marketing Manager, Pidilite)

.. there are many more names .. You can find more details about these people on


Your donations will be acknowledged and account statements will be published regularly at the following link, you can track the development by visiting this link.

Donations collected and purchases done till now are displayed here (This document is updated every few hours),

Please provide us some time to include your donations in this list.

How to transfer?

Online –

Transfer your donations to ICICI bank account # 002001019947 (Rajiv Vidyarthy, Powai Branch, Mumbai). Please mention your name in the comments (will help us track) and send an email with the transfer details to, we will send you a confirmation for the same.

Through ICICI bank branches – Go to any ICICI bank and deposit your donations in account number, 002001019947. call Rajiv@9323473603 and inform about the donation.

We can arrange to collect cash/cheque/other bank transfers, call up Rajiv@9323473603 to coordinate.

Donors in US - Transfer your donations to Saroj Kumar's (ex-moderator Bihari Group) BoA account, send him an email with your transfer details at

First Name : Saroj
Last Name : Kumar
A/c #: 18299 40027
zip: 94555
Routing no: 121000358
Bank of America
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