Friday, December 01, 2006

A New Magazine Bhojpuri World Launched

Mumbai: A new Hindi Glossy Magazine titled BHOJPURI WORLD launched with the auspicious hands of the Bhojpuri doyen's i.e. Kumkumji veteran actress of Hindi Films & also Mother India fame & the first leading lady of Bhojpuri cinema (first bhojpuri film Ganga Maiyya Tohe Pihari Chadhaido) & Surendra Pal renowned actor & Bhojpuri personality on 18th Nov, 2006 in Bandra, Mumbai.

Surendra Pal, Kumkum & Vinod Gupta launching BHOJPURI WORLD

On the occasion, Kumkumji said that this is the first ever Bhojpuri Magazine of is kind, in fact in the last 45-years of Bhojpuri history no such interesting magazine has been come out that can present not only the true picture of Bhojpuri films & culture but also the Bhojpuri customs & traditions. She also said that the bhojpuri people and the bhojpuri film industry must be grateful to the publisher for establishing such a quality magazine.

Surendra Pal, Kumkum, Vinod Gupta, Sajjad Khan, Hadi Abrar, Zahid Abrar & Nirav Gandhi at the launch of BHOJPURI WORLD

Renowned actor Surendra Pal appreciating the initiative taken by Vinod Gupta, said on the informal launch event that this magazine will truly bridge the gap between the Bhojpurians spread over the country & abroad.

Nirav Publications' BHOJPURI WORLD is published & edited by Vinod Gupta who was in headlines in early of this year for starting the first ever BHOJPURI FILM AWARDS. He recognized and appreciated the efforts done by Nathubhai Gandhi, Ishwarpal Singh, SP Yadav, Rajnikant Kataria and Jayant Printery for achieving a quality product, because eventually quality product is all about what matters the most in any business.

Truly honest and hard worker Vinod Gupta, editor of the magazine whose ideal & idol is Lal Bahadur Shastri, told on the occasion that He basically belongs to the Bhojpuri Mati, Culture and Life, therefore Publishing of this magazine BHOJPURI WORLD is like His old dream come true.

Apart form Kumkumji, Surendra Pal & Vinod Gupta who attended the brief launch ceremony also were Sajjad Khan, Hadi Abrar, Zahid Abrar, Nirav Gandhi, SP Yadav, Ishwar Pal Singh among other Common Bhojpurians.
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