Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bihar inventor of lantern projector awaits govt nod even after 66 years

Photographer Manoranjan Ghosh's wait for a patent from the Government of Bihar for his invention-a lantern projector-continues even after 66 years. Though the inventor has died, his family's hope remains alive.

The 'Lantern Projector' was made with the objective of it being used to spread awareness and education in rural areas, and was invented in 1940. .

According to Ghosh's son, Rajat Ghosh, a sculptor by profession, it was his deceased father's long cherished dream to help in spreading education in the remote areas of the Bihar, and this motivated him to invent a "poor man's projector".

"This 'Lantern Projector' was invented for the purpose of promoting and propagating various education programmes such as children's education, women's education and others in remote villages where electricity was not available, says Rajat.

Apart from Gujarat, Madras, Calcutta and other States, the projector became famous in Germany too," Ghosh adds. "If the projector and the literature slides with some modifications and are used at places that are without electricity, it could prove to be very beneficial," says Rajat.

Besides creating slides of rare pictures of the Indian freedom struggle, Manoranjan Ghosh had a collection of slides with analytical descriptions of literature, art and many other subjects.
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