Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Manthan-AIF appreciation for Community Broadcasting to RADIO RAGHAV, MANSOORPUR

Raghav FM Mansoorpur

Product Description

Raghav Accepting the Appreciation

Rural and discreet Raghav Mahto started the community FM radio using a fifty rupee technology device that served the entire Mansoorpur village in his Vaishali District of Bihar as well as adjoining villages. He and his RJ (Radio Jockey) friend Sambhu started an innovative Rural FM service which enabled villagers and the local community to benefit from various services it offered. People at large benefited from announcements, messages, entertainments that touched their health, educational, trade, commerce, entertainment needs on day-to-day basis. Using an innovative knowledge enhancement & awareness driven simple technological platform, Raghav and his community FM served community needs and services in every possible way. The community FM was for the community and by the community, driven by community needs and demands. What was more unique was the manner in which the community embraced Raghav FM and become emotionally well attached to it. This was vividly revealed by the community members in sorrow and anger when Raghav FM was shut down in March 2006 after it served its listeners with grace and humility for more than 4 years, albeit unofficially.


Raghav FM Mansoorpur


Raghav Mahto

FM/Community Radio

Bhojpuri, Hindi
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