Monday, June 26, 2006

Patna Soon to Have Petrol and Power Generating Trash Incinerator

Urban Development Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey, on Friday, on his return from Nagpur, said Patna would soon have the facility to produce petrol, LPG, and even electricity from all the garbage that the city collects everyday turning the city cleaner, greener, and self-dependent.

Choubey met with Professor Alka Jadgaonkar, the principal of G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering in Nagpur who is credited with inventing a contraption that turns garbage into gasoline and electricity and is currently being used in many metros including Mumbai and Jodhpur.

"Our team of six members took a closer look at the machine invented by Professor Jadgaonkar and we are all very satisfied with its performance. The Chief Minister has agreed to give it a go-ahead signal in the first week of next month after which the first phase of the plan will begin," Choubey said.

Initially the machine will turn 25 tons of garbage into petrol but later its capacity will be increased and the plan will be implemented in other parts of the state as well," he said.

The system is already being used in Nagpur where it produces 4,500 liters of petrol from 5,000 kilograms of plastic trash, the Minister said adding the machine is also capable of producing 100 MW of power from 500 ton of trash.

The project is expected to be completed in a record time of six months, Choubey said.
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