Friday, March 24, 2006

Prakash Jha Praises Government; Promises to Utilize Bihari Resources

Renowned film maker and arguably the biggest cheerleader of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Prakash Jha, on Thursday showered Kumar with praises saying anybody could feel the change in the air of Bihar since the NDA came into power nearly four months ago.

"Thanks to the steps taken by the new Chief Minister, one can sense development and prosperity in the air of Bihar," Jha said adding Kumar did not make only hollow promises during the campaign phase of the state Assembly elections last year but started to implement his plans almost immediately after coming into power.

"This is all because he is an honest man who truly wants Bihar to progress and who does not harbor any negative thoughts about the state," the maker of several critically-acclaimed films based on social issues said.

"Previously no one wanted to come to Bihar to take up road and highway construction jobs. Today the situation has changed and renowned contractors are eager to come to the state to build roads and highways without any fear," Jha said.

The film-maker further said that all of his future projects will utilize the resources from Bihar. "If I could do anything to improve the lots of Biharis and Bihar, I would do it. Whether I need technical help or human resource help ? everything will come from Bihar and that would be my way of contributing in the rebuilding of Bihar," he said.
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