Friday, March 24, 2006

Bihar Self-Sufficient in Energy in Next Three Years: Minister

State Energy Minister, Vijendra Prasad Yadav, while justifying his department's demand of Rs.1200 crore for the development of power sector in Bihar said that in the next three years not only the state would be completely self-dependent in energy, it would be in a position to sell power to other states as well.

"Till now, we are completely dependent on the Central power units for supply of powr in the state but we have initiated moves and are taking steps that will make us completely independent in three years," Yadav said at the state Assembly on Wednesday.

The Energy Minister said that a number of private investors including the TATA and telecom giant Reliance, have expressed their interests in setting up mega power plants with 4,000 megawatt (MW) capacity in Navinagar, Kursaila and Pirpainti while the Chief Minister was in talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for an 'ultra-mega' nuclear power plant in Nawada district.

Lashing out at the erstwhile Lalu-Rabri regime, Yadav said that the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) government never realized the importance of electricity in today's modern world. "They always thought power was a luxury item and benefited only the rich class. As a result, they never really made any serious effort to solve the perpetual energy crisis in the state," the minister said.
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