Wednesday, February 15, 2006

An Idiot?s Words: Bush on the Mahatma

An Idiot?s Words: Bush on the Mahatma

Yet again, George W Bush has reaffirmed through his own words how unintelligent the top man in the US was.

According to an amusing news article in, George W Bush?s protocol handlers have notified South Block that the American President?s deep belief in his born again faith precludes his visiting Mahatma Gandhi?s Samadhi at New Delhi?s Raj Ghat - during his forthcoming visit to India.

Not only he disgraced the highest chair of the world?s most admired nation championing secularism, he also unwittingly stamped his own approval on the theory that he is the Christian counterpart of Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden as far as religious zealotry is concerned. Remember his ?Crusade? against Osama?s ?Jehad? statement?

Should someone tell Dubya that he is bringing in radical religious beliefs to something called international diplomacy? Anyway, the unfortunate thing is that his advisors and cabinet members belong to the same Neo-con School of Brainwash & Bigotry for the Brainless.

We as Indians shouldn?t take offense or read much into whatever he said on the Mahatma for the Mahatma is beyond the words and comprehension of simpleton.

The article expresses outrage, shock and hurt over this and rues over mainstream media failing to pick this up. I don?t know if they knew about it at all, however, if they chose to ignore this as they would ignore the remarks, beliefs and ideology of a moron, they have my support.

The world would be a much better place if we ignored idiots like Bush and bin Laden. It will get rid of almost all the conflicts that we see today. Unfortunately, we are not doing that. However, fortunately for the world, the US would get rid of their stupid president in three years.

Ah! Some years are so long to pass.

Read the story here.
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